Issue #1

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Digital Release Available Saturday November 6, 2021.


Our premiere issue kicks off with an interview from the outrageously funny author of the Space Team series, Barry Hutchison! Learn what makes his mind tick and what it takes to keep his legions of fans salivating for the Space Team novel. We currently await number 14!


When Brian wakes up in a strange place, he is tormented by isolation, hallucinations, and the whims of the suspicious Dr. Stanley. Will he find his way out or will the doctor ensnare him in the facility for all time? The answer lies in The Way Station by Tom Brewer

When two modern day spellcasters meet for magic throw down, one of the learns that there is sometimes it’s more than just a battle of wits and power in J.R. Rustrian’s The Spellcasters of Firestone Blvd.

What happens when you work in a morgue in outer space and you start to see ghosts? Amanda Johnson’s Black Mist Mambo will leave no doubts.

Wayne Kiefer tells us how a simple appliance can change our entire outlook on life in The Ice Machine.

On a desert hell world, torn by war, one soldier travels a long road of regret. The burning sands of Eternia is not a place to be caught traveling down memory lane. Find out in Marvin Lee’s Beneath a Sunlit Sky.

Just because you forgot about the past doesn’t mean everyone else will. S.R Malone’s Checkmate reveals how deep memory goes.

Chad Deschane , in honor of our interview with author Barry Hutchison presents us with a fan fiction set in the Space Team universe entitled Graxan’s Youth.

Chris Picken The Stranger is inspired and based on the characters from Barry Hutchison’s “Space Team” series. A long way from Earth, an ore miner is making the most of a stopover on a space station floating in the middle of the black. Intending to have a quiet drink in a quiet bar, he happens across something all too rare this far out in Space… a face from home. This compatriot had his own drinking partners with him already though… a small green blob and lifetimes of memories!

Robert Kirkwood brings us his harrowing time and space bending adventure tale The Island of Forever as an ongoing monthly story!

Gerardo Doyle leads you through the steampunk world of Victorian England in his ongoing series: Emerson Riddington and the Temple of Marnothis.


Chris Morgan teaches us how to tighten up our prose in Death of an Adverb.

Zoe Hauser helps us beat getting stuck in part 1 of her series: Writer’s Block.

Don’t know what to write about? Robin Holmes has you covered in Finding Stories.

A secret agent doesn’t carry twin hand cannons! Find out why with Eric Herrera’s Weapon of Choice.

Book Reviews

Booked for Murder by R.J. Blain Reviewed by Lisa Harshberger

Invoking Infinity by Meghan Ciana Doidge Reviewed by Lisa Harshberger

A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny Reviewed by Dan Haskins

Audio Books

Rain by Kip Shelton – When she entered the White Queen she knew someone was going to die. But was it going to be her, or the man she was there to meet. Revenge was complicated.

In and Out by Kip Shelton – A government assassin is sent to Mexico to eliminate the head of a dangerous cartel. Little did he know that a pack of Chupacabra would be preventing his escape.