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It’s the middle of the night, and Mom is on the ceiling again. Find out why in Warren Benedetto’s Something’s Wrong with Mom.

In the future, we all have to answer to someone or there will be consequences. But what happens when you’re tired of it all? S.R Malone’s Variables answers the question.

After a crash landing on an alien planet an astronaut stumbles across a society with a unique way of governing. What should he do? Mike Murphy’s Ed knows.

He was just supposed to direct robot barge traffic for Callisto station, but Martian coffee and a hot shot pilot were about to change his day. Find out how in Robert C. Murray’s The Protocol of Slingshot Maneuvers.

Mark J. Schultis tells us the tale of Jurn Reyes in Field Decisions, a data clerk that was damn good at his job. But his government needed him for something that went far outside his comfort zone. Is it something he can live with?

How far would you go for a good steak when meat is only for the ultra-rich? In the future we find out in Matthew Spence’s Meat Wagon.

He thoughts he knew what he was getting into when he left forever. Only family could bring him back. Pitting a new life against an old one is the story of Shadows in the Light brought to us by Todd Sullivan.

An homage to the old Twilight Zone series, where aliens aren’t as scary as we were led to believe, this tale leads us to understand the importance of paperwork. Jurisdiction a tale of aliens and bureaucracy by Mark Thomas.

Robert Kirkwood brings us his harrowing time and space bending adventure tale The Island of Forever as an ongoing monthly story!

Gerardo Doyle leads you through the steampunk world of Victorian England in his ongoing series: Emerson Riddington and the Temple of Marnothis.


Chris Morgan teaches us there’s more to science fiction than Star Wars in Love and Hate and Star Wars.

Zoe Hauser helps us beat getting stuck in part 2 of her series: Writer’s Block.

How can smell bring back such vivid memories? Robin Holmes tells you what to do with those memories in The Smell of Memory.

Why do we always use the go to weapons in Fantasy? There are so many untouched aces to choose from. Maybe Eric Herrera can help in Tools of the Trade: Fantasy Weapon.

Book Reviews

Audio Books

Vaushe by Kip Shelton – He was just a Xenoarcheologist searching for a lost civilization. Little did he know his search would lead him to the White Queen and a notorious mob boss. Book 2 in the ongoing Bar in Sector G Series

Fire and Ice by Kip Shelton – The crew of the biological research ship Doolittle were just supposed to capture specimens for study. On an ice world they found. Now it’s loose in the ship, very big, and very angry.