Issue #4

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Author Interview

Welcome to the Sci Fi World of Maximillian d’Erembourg!

Maximillian d’Errebourg is an SCA Black Fox Award nominee, and First Runner-Up in Mythic Scribes’ Diversity in SF&F Challenge (First Place among SF entries!).

A writer since age 13, Max has written technical Non-Fiction, SF Flash Fiction, RPG Games, Crime Procedurals, as well as scripts for film, TV, anime, kid’s cartoons, poetry, songs, and many a forlorn love-letter.

Though Max has published short science fiction, NIGHTFALL is his debut SF novel.


The past grabs Jack by the ankles and tries to pull him down. Break free or fall hard? The future depends on it in Mark Bilsborough’s Two Worlds.

Manning The Cannon is a short science fiction piece about Roberto, who has trained for years to become a gunner on an interplanetary warship by Ben Cooper.

A squad of plastic army-men struggle against an alien threat in Ian Rober Krueger’s Back to the Box.

Two men travel to hear the tale of the only person to ever truly kill a god. But, is this drunken dwarf to be trusted? Find out in Roger Landes’ Harbek The Loon and the Killing the Bear God.

When a young writer wins an artist’s fellowship to live and create in an idyllic utopia, she feels like it’s too good to be true. Is she right? You’ll know in H.R. Parker’s Syphon.

In Conor Powers-Smith’s Advent, the waiting may be the hardest part, but it can also be what gives existence meaning.

An android thinks he found a home for his kind, a place to set up base and continue the war against humanity. Will his kind find safety? Learn the answer in Ryan Michael’s The Scout.

Bees are linked with human survival, post apocalyptic humans living underground know this-so too do the Droids they treat so poorly. A Droid finds the last beehive on earth in Melissa Miles’ Bees.

Audio Books

All in a Day’s Work by Kip Shelton – It was just a simple deal: an exchange of cash for an easy job. Who knew it would lead to a shooting war between to planets? Maybe the guy that planned it.

Memory Patterns by Kip Shelton – Nine Homicides and still no suspects. With time running out, Detective Taylor needs to find a pattern. But the killer is closer than he thinks.