The Contest

SRM has a contest for you and the winner receives a Synthetic Reality Magazine T-Shirt, a copy of their story printed in Issue #3 of SRM, compensation for their story at .02 per word and 3 contributor’s copies! Your submission deadline is December 18,2021 by midnight.

We give you the topic, you write the story. Here are the submission guidelines:

Format Layout

  • Font: Calibri
  • Size: 11
  • Space: Single
  • Story Word Count: No more than 5,000


Your main character is a detective on Earth. He / She is investigating an unusual murder. The murder victim is an alien. The murderer is also an alien. The story takes place on Earth.

There you go. That’s all the details. Time period is irrelevant, gender is irrelevant, you tell us the story.

    Do we have your permission to adjust punctuation and syntax if it is not formatted correctly? (We will not alter story content.)