From the Editor

The world has become a very strange place. Or maybe weird is a better way to describe it. Or how about surreal? Yeah, that will do nicely. The world has become a very surreal place.

We’ve been locked away (sequestered?) for more than a year due to a virus of questionable origin. But wait! A cure has been found and our freedom is now at hand. Oh, wait. Sorry. The virus mutated. Everyone back to your rat holes. Sounds like a science fiction plot to me but in fact it’s reality.

Gelatinous marbles rain down from the sky in out of the way places of the world like Kivalina, Alaska. Science can’t identify the substance. Sound like sci-fi? Nope. Again, real life.

The Navy and the government releases UFO footage and admits they are stumped as to what the objects are. They also admit to having a special department that investigates these newly coined “Unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs. Science Fiction? Nope. Once again, reality.

There is an android created by Oxford techs that creates self-portraits. She did this through her A.I. programming. Reality is becoming surreal.

Are you starting to get the idea? Reality gets more surreal, strange, and weird by the minute. Thank God. That’s what we like here at Synthetic Reality Magazine.

And if it comes to it, I would like to welcome our new alien A.I. overlords and hope they enjoy our work here at Synthetic Reality Magazine (We hope you do too).

Our Special Thanks

Here’s where we tell you why we do this. There’s an author out there that made himself not only accessible to us, but encouraged us to make this a reality. His work is funny, captivating, and darn right good. So, please get out there and pick up a copy of anything by Barry J. Hutchison or his alter ego JD Kirk. Thanks again Barry!

This Month’s Editorial

Beginning… A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then that it is the year 10,191.
Wait… Sorry… That’s the intro from the 1984 movie Dune directed by David Lynch. However, it’s still a good point. Not the year, but the part about beginnings being a very delicate time. I would say it’s controlled chaos, but that would be lying. There’s no control about it. It’s complete and utter.
Deadlines, Ad Copy, Page Layout: whose idea was this? Well… It was a group effort, and I was involved. So, there it is. Cat’s out of the bag and I have no one to blame but myself (and the rest of the idea tank).
Yeah, I’m kidding. I love this stuff. Not the stress part, but the writing part. And, of course, the reading part; the imagination part. As a kid, I dreamed of exploring the galaxy with Captain Kirk, of fighting the Red Skull with Captain America, helping Bilbo and the Dwarves reach Smaug and claim the gold. I loved science fiction and fantasy. Growing up in the 70s and 80s I had a lot choose from as the genre had really come into its own.
But today there are more titles and authors than ever to choose from and chain bookstores will push those on the best seller list first. Struggling authors are, well, struggling to break into the market. I understand the logic behind the big booksellers’ mentality. That’s what keeps their doors open, employees paid, etc.
Hence, the reason for Synthetic Reality Magazine. We publish undiscovered authors and INTERVIEW published authors about their struggles and what their working on so readers can see what they went through. We offer up tips to help writers when they’re stuck. We review books that they might like, and we even tell them about bookstores they should be visiting if they’re in a certain area.
That’s a lot of information to cover, especially for a first issue. So, as you can see, a beginning is a very delicate time. We hope you will enjoy our first issue and stick with us.
– Kip Shelton
Issue 1 Editor-in-Chief