Issue #3

Author Interview

Welcome to the World’s of Ari Marmell!

When Ari Marmell has free time left over between feeding cats and posting on social media, he writes a little bit. His work includes novels, short stories, role-playing games, and video games, all of which he enjoyed in lieu of school work when growing up. He’s the author of the Mick Oberon gangland-fantasy-detective series, the Widdershins YA fantasy series, The Goblin Corps, and many others, with publishers such as Del Rey, Pyr Books, Wizards of the Coast, Omnium Gatherum, and Titan Books.

Ari currently resides in Austin, Texas. He lives in a clutter that has a moderate amount of apartment in it, along with George—his wife—and the aforementioned cats, who probably want something.

You can find Ari online, if you’re not careful.

Front Cover Artist Spotlight

Get a look at the artwork of this month’s cover artist Toeken and learn his process in an exclusive interview.


In 1986 by Steve Carr, a phenomenologist attempts to link together several catastrophic events that has the scientific community on edge.

Love transcends time, space, and dimension in DC Diamondopolous’ memorable story of lost love The Haunting of Piedras Blancas.

Two mismatched underdogs venture out of their comfort zones to confront a harrowing reality. Eric Farrell’s Where the Sky Swallows the Horizon tells a mesmerizing tale of a bleak future.

They will love me or hate me. There’s no middle of the road for Social Media and a guy who can fly. Joe Giordano’s Soloing shows us how far we go to be accepted on Social Media.

Mike Sherer’s The Amber Cavern reminds us when your exploring, there’s no telling where a cave may lead you.

The future of war is a painless, bloodless war front. Or is it? Max Talley’s The Fog of Future War shows us that the battlefield ain’t what it used to be.

Boy meets girl. Boy meets girl again. Boy meets girl again. Things aren’t what he thought they would be. Reality never is. Jack Willems’s Identical to the Real Thing tells us that if it’s too good to be true…

Audio Books

The Mechanic by Kip Shelton – She’d been op her own for as long as she could remember, fixing things for anyone who would let her. She just wanted to make enough money to open her own shop. But a gangster has other plans. Chapter #3 of The Bar in Sector G.

On My Way to Hell by Kip Shelton – His plan was to ride into town and kill a bad man. That’s what he always did. But bounty hunter and killer Joe Lanham had never been in a town like this before. And this bounty might cost him everything his escape.